About us

We are Draco. Like a star, we are a part of the Universe. We make stories behind the sence and help your business growing.

Founder in 2015, we deliver media production services for film, commercials and digital assets. Not just a production house, we create, consult and meet clients’ demand.



Video/Photo Production

We run a professional work flow from pre-production to final deliverables to bring the best results for our clients.

We do: TV Commercials, Corporate Video, Social Contents, Commercial Photos.

Post Production

Whatever the source material, camera or delivery format, we offer a full range of post-production services

including color grading, offline editing, online editing and sound design.

2D/3D Animation –VFX

We create a wide range of animation styles and formats in 2D, 3D, motion graphics.

We do: Animated Storytelling, Brand Visual Stories, Infographics and Visual Innovation.

Our film
A wealthy merchant falls into penury after his ships founder at sea. He moves his family to the countryside to...



Draco is a part of a group of different teams working together to deliver high quality products designed to achieve the specific goals of each individual client. We do animation, live action, illustration, design and visual effects.

Draco Production

Film Production

Draco production creates high end TV Commercials (TVCs), Online videos, Music videos, Stop Motion and any motion pictures. Draco delivers the highest quality as possible to meet your demand and your audiences.

Red Cat Motion

Video Agency

Founded in 2012, Red Cat Motion aims to become the world class animation studio. As the head of the group, Red Cat leads creative and creates stories. Red Cat Motion has an in-house team to execute 2D Animation, Motion Graphics.

Freaky Motion

3D Motion Design Studio

Founded in 2012, Freaky Motion visualizes experiences by combining Design with 3D Animation. Our capabilities include Design, Visual Concept for film, animation, CG/VFX, 3D Animation. We work with brands and film productions.


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